Why should tourists opt for a multi-currency travel card?

Why should tourists opt for a multi-currency travel card?

A Forex travel card is a pre-loaded foreign multi-currency card that gives you more comfort and security than any other forex artifact. If you are eyeing a hassle-free tour abroad, Forex Cards are the way to go.

  • The multi-currency card allows you to lead several wallets of varied currencies on a single card. Therefore, you can manage in diverse currencies without the trouble of carrying numerous individual currency cards.
  • Any transaction done on the money laden in your card will use that currency wallet if sufficient balance is not accessible; funds from another wallet would be used, centered on the approval order given by the bank.
  • Any transaction higher than the funds accessible in any of your wallets will be declined Snowballing funds of all wallets will not be considered for transactions.
  • All your transactions (purchase and cash withdrawals) abroad must be made in strict agreement with the exchange control regulations of the Reserve Bank of India prevalent now and again.

Travel cards benefits

  • Easy purchasing and reloading
  • Load numerous currencies
  • Easy shopping
  • Shield against currency fluctuations
  • Sturdy safety

It is a smart, economical, convenient, and safe alternative to carry foreign currency while travelling overseas. It offers same-day loading and activation, permitting you to start using the travel card instantaneously after purchase for your international flight and hotel reservations. In addition to guarding you from currency rate oscillations, the card offers you exceptional concessions at merchant outlets across the world for your dining, shopping, stay, and other expenditures. It also offers several surplus advantages including comprehensive travel insurance & lost/stolen/counterfeit card insurance. A forex multi-currency card is tailor-made for the consumers who travel widely across the globe to numerous destinations. This product has an exceptional feature that permits the traveller to carry one travel card with numerous currencies laden on the same card, hence eradicating the requirement for carrying numerous cards for diverse destinations. For individuals without a bank account, Forex Cards offer the expediency and safety of a card product without necessitating a prevailing banking relationship. Cardholders can make purchases or get cash when they require it, instead of carrying bulk quantities of cash. Access to funds on a Forex Card is secure by an OTP at online portals, PIN at ATMs and merchant locations.

We recommend that you get a Forex Card accompanied by a credit card and cash. A credit card can be advantageous if you finish your Forex Card or run out of cash. This is because credit cards prolong your credit up to your credit limit. This credit limit is given even on foreign transactions. Also, you can use your Forex Card to make online payments in outlets situated abroad. The benefit Forex Cards offer you is that you will not have to pay mark-up charges. You need to apply to a particular bank for this card. You also have to fill up an application form for this.

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