How to Dress like a Fashionable Korean

How to Dress like a Fashionable Korean

Korean fashion has had a major influence on the fashion industry as well as our everyday fashion choices. This is mainly due to the Korean Wave, a term used to describe the global popularity of South Korea’s popular culture such as K-pop and K-dramas.

As Korean fashion continues to expand its worldwide popularity, this blog post is well worth reading if you do not want to be left behind when the rest of the world is moving fashion-forward with Korean clothing.

1.     Dress Over Top

Koreans love layering their outfits by wearing a dress over a top. The dress over top trend is a one-of-a-kind style that has spread around the world because of Korean fashion. This look is better achieved with summer dresses with spaghetti straps. You can pair the dress with a blouse or a simple t-shirt for a cute Korean style look.

2.     Schoolgirl Look

Due to the influence of K-pop idols, the schoolgirl look has become very popular in Korean fashion. To achieve this look, pair any top of your choice with an A-line high-waisted mini skirt. A checkered skirt in particular would definitely give off the schoolgirl vibes. It is very versatile and can be pulled off by anyone very easily.

3.     Modern Feminine Blouse

Korean blouses are very pretty and adaptable to different fashion trends. Lacy or ruffled blouses can make any outfit look cute with a feminine touch, even if you pair them with jeans or boots. Modern feminine blouses are great when you want to look dressy without wearing a dress.

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