How does DaaS change your employee productivity for the better?

How does DaaS change your employee productivity for the better?

Not long ago, the work style that we once used to know and be so closely familiar with did change for good. With remote working being put on the rise, many companies were swiftly made to deal with restructuring and refinement of their operational business models by adapting to the fast changing work environment. This certainly imposed a technological challenge on IT staff across the board due to the increased demand for more flexible solutions, helping the transition of a traditional office space to a device-centered workplace. Desktop as a service was a golden opportunity, quickly grabbed by IT managers and company leaders, who were hoping to respond to the promptly changing work dynamic with innovation. For many of them, the revelation of how DaaS not only presents a real technological opportunity, but also marks a valuable starting point for the continuous improvement of employee productivity- did not come until later on.

According to an official report by Frost & Sullivan, companies which were investing in digital transformation and collaboration technologies have the potential to increase their workforce productivity with the striking 400%. DaaS can certainly make this more of a “mission possible”. In the next few paragraphs we’re explaining how and why Desktop as a service could increase the effectiveness of your employees, hence moving the focus to more high-value work and increasing your revenues.

Access it from anywhere

Why DaaS has brought light in the tunnel for hundreds of thousands of enterprises around the world is because of its great flexibility and availability. Allowing your employees to access their workstation from virtually anywhere in the world, without any downtime to their operations, companies improve on employee satisfaction and their productivity many-fold. Provided that your staff are accessing their desktop environment and have a stable internet connection, they can work freely from anywhere, using any device available to them and without compromising on their data security. We are making a small footnote here to remind you that your information is safely stored on a cloud server, rather than your employee’s psychical device.

No more repetitive tasks

It is known by many companies at upper levels in management that their employees have a fair bit of repetitive tasks to deal with on a daily basis. For some employees this can take up over 25% of their working hours, reducing their productivity significantly. Depending on the organization, these tasks can vary. Common example of a repetitive task that your employees have to deal with regularly and DaaS can be the solution is performing daily or even hourly back-ups of your working files and documents. In healthcare, staff was known for a while to record patient appointments on paper and transcribe them on their physical devices when back at their desktop. Desktop as a service cuts down on the time spent on repetitive tasks, by providing you with infrastructure to access your desktop from anywhere, while safe storage, backing up, disaster recovery and technical maintenance is all taken care of for you.

No more technical issues

Speaking of maintenance, we need to point out how invaluable DaaS has been for many companies which lack the human resource to maintain their IT domain of work. Moving to the cloud and provisioning your desktops by using a third-party vendor such as IT-Fabrik means that you have no responsibility whatsoever to perform any of your software updates or tackle your technical problems. Once you outsource your desktop environment, you receive comprehensive customer support, which takes the burden off both for your employees and your IT staff. Regular maintenance, patching and updating can take up over an hour of the time of an average employee, in which there is no work done. This problem is dealt with by letting your cloud provider perform your maintenance, without causing any downtime to the work of your employees. Thus, productivity and efficiency increase significantly, if you consider the number of hours each of your employees sits around waiting on maintenance support each and every week.

Final words

With all this being said, you can already make a rough estimate in your head of how easily time could be spent inefficiently while relying on obsolete IT systems and processes. Using a desktop environment which is deployed by specialists who can take care of your technical problems and upgrades regularly improves your employee productivity by taking the unnecessary burden off their shoulders.

DaaS has been proven to help you to focus on your high-value work while it improves your employee satisfaction and their operational adeptness, making them happier, more fulfilled and productive.

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