Google Lens is the Future and the New Eye Of AI ?

Google Lens is the Future and the New Eye Of AI ?

Google Lens – Redefining AI
The Google corporation is always trying to be ahead in the market. Google always believe in the market strategy of leading market by innovations and Artificial Intelligence. This time Google comes with the new innovations to keep their position as a boss in the market. Google Lens – the future of AI cameras.

The camera is meant to click pics. Google changed the ideology of camera using concept Google lens. At I/O developers conference, Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO Google introduced a new technology called Google lens.It is the piece of vision computing capabilities that can analyse what we are looking and understand and helps s to take action.

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The idea behind Google lens is to bring Artificial Intelligence at your smartphone level. Currently, the Google lens was integrated with the Google assistant.

During a demo, Sundar Pichai shows the capability of Google lens. Google lens will be more interactive. If you want to know about a flower. The only thing we need to do is just focus the flower using Google lens. Google lens will recognize the what the flower it is and reply with the details of the flower.

Google Lens - Scan flower

In another example, Sundar Pichai shows the capability of Google lens doing common tasks. If you want to connect to WiFi in a home, All we need to do is just scan the router bar code, the Google lens will automatically connect the WiFi on the gadget for you.

Google lens can be used to identifying about restaurants, places etc. The all the thing is to just point the object using Google lens. As an example Pichai demonstrated, if we point a restaurant using Google lens, Google lens will pull the details like name, rating, business details on a card above the picture.

Upon demonstrating Google lens, Google’s Scott Huffman explained the integration of Google lens with Google assistant. Google assistant will have the button helps on navigating to Google lens. Google’s Scott Huffman holds his camera up to a concert marquee for a Stone Foxes show and Google Assistant pulls up info on ticket sales. Then Scott Huffman asked to add it to a calendar and Google assistant does the same.
Also, we can use this Google lens for translation as well. Scott Huffman holds the camera against a Japanese board and asked Google assistant ‘what does it say’. Google assistant translates the same into English.

The company is not confirmed the official date for the market release of Google lens. It keeps us on feet by commenting Google lens is coming soon.

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