How stylus makes designing and digital art fun?

How stylus makes designing and digital art fun?

Have you ever wanted a little more control while working over your tablet or phone? While creating art or diving deep into spreadsheets, a stylus can be your best companion. 

In the world of digital art and design, a stylus can help you manipulate captivating touchscreens. Though we can do that with our fingers, a stylus is more convenient due to its narrow tip and better accuracy. Most styluses are made up of some conductive metal that transfers electricity from our body through the tip of the pen, but there are some styluses that can create their own charge and flow, allowing more flexibility in design and providing finer controls. 

Below mentioned are six ways how stylus pens make designing and digital art more effective and fun. 

  • Offers Natural Motion

A better quality stylus offers a better fluid motion than a mouse or human fingers. This will lead to your artwork feeling more authentic in composition, as artists can produce more natural shapings and lines. 

  • Precision

With the help of a stylus, you can manipulate a design pixel-by-pixel. So, while working with the finer details, a stylus could make a real difference by getting down to the fundamentals of a design. 

  • Pressure Sensitivity

Modern touchscreens are capable of sensing the pressure that users apply to the screen, and then using the data to translate how a mark or stroke should look. By using modern stylus pens, you can mimic the features of a traditional drawing tool. Simply pressing down the screen can affect the depth or width of a stroke in the same way that a pen or paintbrush works on paper. 

After selecting the pencil tool, if you hold the stylus pen in an upright position like a pencil, this will create narrow strokes. Though, tilting sideways will mimic the act of shading, creating more expressive and wider strokes on the screen. 

  • Portability

Traditional input devices such as a mouse and a keyboard are usually connected through a wire to the main device creating a problem that you need to sit on a desk to operate. As styluses are used with phones or tablets, this means your creative process can go along with you. But if you’re worried that the software functionality in portable devices is not up to the mark, some companies have been doing standout performances in this field too. 

  • Connection To Art 

This might seem a bit out, but if you are able to connect your work and is able to manipulate it on the screen, this can make a real difference in the quality of the produced work. 

  • Keeping Germs Away

We’re probably more aware of germs now than ever before, and most of us may be aware of how dreadful bacterial hotbeds our mobile phones have become. By using a stylus on that screen, you can keep your fingers out of reach from that germy mess. 

It may take time to get used to, but once you practice with it, a stylus can definitely save you from a nasty bug or two. It will also leave your screen much cleaner and free from oil smudges. You can keep your screen cleaner by regularly sanitizing it as well. Feeling safe while showing up the creativity will allow users to get involved more in their work. 

Wrapping It Up

Most stylus pens in the market today come with basic features such as tilt sensitivity and palm rejection. On the other hand, Quill is loaded with advanced features that most styluses lack. Supporting more than 16M colors and with an ergonomic triangular body and grip, you can reimagine experience and create magic with Quill. 

Quill comes with the Quill Bundle that contains Qube and the Quill App. Qube is an elegantly designed device that supports functions of a wireless charger to Quill as well as being an Alexa smart speaker. On the other hand, the Quill App is a compelling app that allows playing with 2D and 3D elements and picked colors in an intuitive interface that currently supports IOS only. 

To know more about Quill, visit the website.

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