8 Documents You Must Check Before Buying a Property in India

8 Documents You Must Check Before Buying a Property in India

Buying a property in India has never been a straightforward task. Changing area rates, property charge rules and various changes in the business really makes it difficult to sell or buy a property in India. Regardless, in case you found a property worth and needing to add to, there are certain things real estate Group Karamchand Delhi suggest you ought to consider prior to drawing out the money. 

Concerning land property, records matter the most. Documents, in all honesty, are the main measures to look at and consider making the step further. Having the right reports undeniably gives conviction of placing assets into the real property having no issue as far as might be feasible. 

Let us right now check 8 such critical reports you should look for prior to placing assets into a property: 

Title Deed 

This is a sort of record that consistently graphs the chain of duty regarding separate property. It gives full right to the owner to ensure the out and out duty regarding property. While buying the property, check if it has a spot with the different trader. Check the deed inside and out, and if have no data about it you can search for help of a property subject matter expert. If the title of the property isn't for the seller, by then legally the property shouldn't be purchased with the exception of if the consent from the certified owner. 

Approved Building Plan 

Every fashioner at the start of the improvement needs to get the support from close by masterminding subject matter experts. The designer needs to introduce the vital records for the approved course of action underwriting. So when you pursue for a private space, do check if the designer agrees to present the embraced plan, in case not, by then the improvement is named as unlawful. 

Completing/Occupancy Certificate 

This is one more major chronicle the specialist of the property needs to submit to the buyer. City experts issue the Completion Certificate (CC) after the fulfillment of the errand. Inhabitance Certificate (OC) is given by the close by government office after the assessment and states alright for the occupants. These documents are a huge part of the home credit and should be in your plan. 

Appraisal Receipt 

The land proprietor needs to give you the legitimate obligation pay receipt fail to which the council is endorsed to drive a discipline of certain percent reliably on the property buyer. So attempt to check if the current landowner has completed the cost framework. 

Encumbrance Certificate 

It is a chronicle given by the sub-recorder to check if there is any encumbrance on the property like home credit, charges, etc. The sub-selection focus gives the support with complete experiences with respect to the real toll identifying with the property. It is critical for the property buyer to check whether the property is under home advance or credit. 

Mother Deed 

This record is required when you buy a resale property. This is the parent report following the ownership straightforwardly from the earliest starting point. There are conditions where the owner may do some distortion activity by endeavoring the obligation regarding property illegally, which will decidedly affect your endeavor. 

Power of Attorney 

This is a huge report when buying a property. It is had to know whether the seller has all out authority over the property and is selling it. You can even check with the authentic owner to have a check over the approving power of the legal advisor to the vendor. 

Change Document: 

This report contains all the experiences with respect to the property including the name of the owner, property size, zone, and other huge information. It is given by the city master for the current owner. 


Whether or not you're purchasing a trading townhouse or as of late fabricated property, do chat with the property legitimate instructor and search for heading about critical reports of the property.

Author: Bimal Arya- Managing Director at Karamchand Realtech Private Limited.

Sources: Karamchand Realtech Pvt Ltd

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