The Drop Shadow In The Photoshop Of Your Real Estate Photography

The Drop Shadow In The Photoshop Of Your Real Estate Photography

Adding the drop shadow is a very important method for both the graphic designers and also the photographers. When you typically cut the objects or the topics out of the Photoshop and background them into the real estate photography, you have to be aware how to recreate the shadow. It will make an image realistic through adding depth into it.

1. Make the Selection

Initially, you need to create the selection about the shape of the property. You may use any system that is the most effective and the easiest for you. Photoshop proposed lots of selection tools. For the simple selections, you can use an elliptical marquee tool or the rectangular marquee tool, however, for a more complicated area of your real estate property you may decide to use a Lasso Tool for a more improve selection tools.

2. Copy it to the New Layer

Then, we have to copy the property of the new layer of your real estate photo. Use a Photoshop keyboard shortcut of - Ctrl + J or (Cmd + J).

3. Make the Layer and then fill it with the black shade

Use the shortcut of Ctrl + left side mouse click on a layer thumbnail or (Cmd + the left mouse click) in choosing the object of your real estate property once more. Make another layer and then fill it also with black, through going to the Edit > FIll.

4. Position a Shadow

Move a shadow layer beneath a layer with a cut-out object. Then transform its shape through clicking the Alt+, Ctrl+, T (or Option+ Cmd+ and T). This may activate a Transform Tool. And then, holding down a point, press and then hold the Ctrl or (Cmd) key and then drag in the preferred direction without the need to break the perspective.

5. Make Shadows for the Different Objects Separately

When there are some objects in your real estate photo, it is best to make the shadows for them independently by using different layers when you want to include them in your photo.

6. Create the Shadow Less Define

Now, you have to lower the opacity of the shadow through going to its Filter menu then select the Gaussian Blur. Boost the radius, until this will appear realistic enough. You can also choose to use the radius of 4 or 5 pixels.

8. Save the file when you are done!

Your shadow is now ready. Now, that you are aware about how to winningly Photoshop something in the photo and then you can recreate the shadow of the real estate photo.

When you have the photo spoiled by the shadows, do not worry! There are also the super simple means of taking out the shadows in the Photoshop if you want to.

Be sure that the real estate photos are always looking at their best with the collections of some of the freebies. It must consist of the actions, brushes and overlays that may come in handy if you need that professional and a very quick result.

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