6 best Islands to visit in Thailand

6 best Islands to visit in Thailand

Thailand is a prime location in southern Asia, famous for its tropical weather, beautiful beaches, and islands. Countless activities can be indulged in when you are in Thailand, and there are infinite options when it comes to deciding which places to visit when you are in Thailand. 

Just to avoid a confusing situation after you land in Thailand, you must plan your trip, and you will require some guidance and research to understand and decide which places you want to visit.

Thailand is such a place where you can pay a visit to the temple in the morning, and party like there will be no tomorrow during the night. Choose your vibe and decide the places you want to visit; these six islands should also be on your list for sure.

1. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island with natural scenery that will make your jaws drop, and it also has much human-made architecture that will take your breath away, whether you can take part in all or choose the ones that you love the most.

Among the incredible architecture, you will see the Big Buddha, Wat Pai Laem; if you love some night time adventure, you must not miss the night shows of cabaret.

For some photogenic places, you should visit the waterfalls, which will calm your body and soul. Hin Ta and Hin Yai's natural geographical structures will make you wonder if God is an artist.

If you are searching for some adventure, you can also go on the safari tour which amuses kids and adults.

3. Phuket

Phuket houses one of the most famous beaches in Thailand and is the largest island in Thailand. It would be best if you visited Phuket to get the best beach experience of your life. Beaches are filled with palm trees, clean waters, and white sand, giving a pretty good photo opportunity to travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts. 

Suppose you love shopping for yourself and your close ones. In that case, you should definitely visit the Phuket weekend night market to taste the local food and buy the local accessories you can carry as a souvenir from your trip to Thailand. 

With kids, it is an excellent idea to visit the elephant sanctuary. 

You can also ditch the monotonous ways of having lunch and dinner with a cruise that will completely transform your idea of having a meal.

4. Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe is an L-shaped island that is situated on the southern-most end of Thailand.  Ko Lipe has the most amazing Coral Reefs and has a lot of underwater activities to offer.

The best activity in Ko Lipe that you can enjoy with your family is Scuba Diving. It is a whole day activity and will leave you with mesmerizing views of underwater animals and plants. You can dive into the sparkling water, interact with marine animals, and have a lot of fun.

Since there are numerous photo stops in Ko Lipe, there are specialized tours organized by tour agencies that will take only an hour or two to cover all of the photo opportunities in the surrounding areas.

5. Ko Pha Nagn

The best hour to visit Ko Pha Ngan is during the full moon celebration happening every month. It is a short ritual that will give you a feel of the local life and will enlighten you with the Thailand culture. 

If you are looking for a snug and luxurious tour, you can just enjoy the many spas located in Ko Pha Ngan.

For enjoying the mesmerizing sunset, you can hire sunset tours, or you can just visit the Amsterdam Bar, where you can take a few drinks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

6. Ko Chang

Ko Chang is a beautiful island that houses numerous little villages that can be explored by yourself or with a local guide's aid. 

Indulge in some kayaking for refreshing your muscles and having the adrenaline rush through your veins. Most of the tourists love to partake in kayaking.

Scuba Diving is also a famous sport in Ko Chang, which exposes the underwater scenes of Ko Chang.

You can also take part in snorkeling, zip-lining and enjoy the crocodile show, snake show, ATV rides, Boat tours, and a lot more for some added adventure. 

You should definitely contact the right tour agency to get all of these activities right under one roof.

With all of these extraordinary islands and activities on your bucket list, you can rest assured of not missing out on any sport, and you won’t be regretting your trip to Thailand for sure. To get onto all of the activities at the utmost convenience and an affordable price, you can visit Tripindicator and check out many more activities available there.

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