The Weekend it Deserves at Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort

The Weekend it Deserves at Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort

What is your idea of an ideal weekend getaway? How much would you appreciate your vacation if you had the chance to get inside a swimming pool that offered you infinite views and indulge into food that gave you a much needed sleep you have been wanting all this while. Wouldn’t you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, if you got to spend a nice time with your family over board games and open air conversations! Moreover, how happy would you be, if all of this came true all under one roof? Our resort in Dehradun is one of those resorts that would surely transport you to a different world.

Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort, which is located at a five hour drive from Delhi is the kind of place you should make your way down to, to make your weekends sound like weekends. The fresh air all around is significant because of the fact that the resort is surrounded by greenery all around. The hilly region of Maldevta Hills is home to this significant boutique resort which has various amenities that gives you a space you deserve to be in. There is an added beauty to this resort in the form of a natural hill stream which would simply transport you to a different world altogether. The natural stream consists of negative ions, which are highly sought after ions to bring light and positivity in your life. Take a plunge into the swimming pool offering you infinite views and watch time unfold as you sip onto your favorite drink and appreciate nature in the best of ways.

Apart from this, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort has various kinds of rooms to suit the mood and preferences of the guests. However, be rest assured that no matter which room you choose, the hospitality and warmth that you receive from the ever so humble folks of the resort, would surely make your day. The food served at the resort would give you an entire “pahadi vibe” that you might have been missing all this while. With a pahadi touch to most of the food that they serve, a simple comforting meal of Dal Makhni and Tandoori Paneer along with Naan or a simple snack as momos or maggi would make you go ga- ga over the food.

Evenings at Haut Monde can be best spent going on walks to nearby passages which lead to beautiful destinations that would mesmerize you. If you wish to just be, the entire property is for you to explore and find a suitable place where you can set the mood for right conversations with your favorite people. Once the sun sets, and the beauty of night unfolds, you can simply stargaze to make your night even more amazing. Very frequently, there are weekend gigs organized at the resort, so jamming to your favorite tunes is simply going to be your way to end your day on a much better note. And, how can we forget scrumptious dinner to top it all. Resort in Dehradun

If you are in search of a weekend getaway that makes your weekend one of the best weekends you have had recently, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort has you covered. If you are a localite putting up in Dehradun and wish to plan a nice getaway around you, then your weekend trips should definitely have Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort in your plans.

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