Book Review – Archangel Ordeal


The story of a man plagued by personal strife as the life of a Medivac pilot starts to weigh down on him.

The carnage that ensues on the roads of South Africa has him in an eternal duel between duty and disgust.

A winding path down the roads we never want to take… until we absolutely have to. What does the life of a man intent on saving the world really look like? It certainly feels as though the hospital he works in appreciates his presence, but is that the extent of his influence in the grand scheme of things? Can one man truly change the world? Forget the world – can we even leave a lasting impression on the chaos in just one region? As it runs out, we can all make a change in this world and the ways in which it works – if we want to, that is.

As far as thriller books go, this is one of the most realistic ever and it speaks of a very personal account. The trail down the long-winded path spattered by blood in the accident capital of the world.

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Easily one of the most gripping thriller books of this decade, Archangel Ordeal could not have a more complex and layered theme.

There are some questions meant to be asked and some questions never meant to be answered. Archangel Ordeal walks through a myriad of such existential questions that shake the very foundation of what people look for when they shop books online. The life of a Medivac pilot is by now means an easy one.

Witnessing the bloody mess that road accidents leave weighs down on everyone’s minds. The idea behind it is simple – at what point does it all become too much for one person to handle? Much like the life of an Archangel – the highest order of angels created by God to fight the battle of Good, the life of this one man is gory and brutal. Hell-bent on saving lives, he moves on undaunted and unaverred, though. There is no need to sell books like this one through fancy advertising campaigns. There is very little to complain about in the book. Mr. R. A. Jones has penned down an absolute masterpiece with this remarkable book.

The fairly small cast of Archangel Ordeal makes it a relatable, scintillating, and profoundly engaging read. The beauty of the book, however, is not solely hidden among its characters or plot points, but through the small incidents of painful realities that emphasize how machines can often be more human than the human counterpart driving them.

The point of any thriller book is to be entertaining without becoming crass and this is a delicate balance to maintain. Archangel Ordeal achieves this balance to sheer perfection. What is just as admirable is the tagline of the book that goes, “When the blood stops, can I rest?” The biggest thought it evokes straight away in a reader perusing online libraries to shop books online is whether the blood ever really ends in the life of a medical professional. A bright, bold cover theme does not really hurt the book’s charisma either.

All things considered, Archangel Ordeal by Mr. R.A. Jones is a must-read and lots of online stores that sell books have a high opinion of it as well, as is evidenced by the positive reviews left by readers. The sheer penmanship brilliance is to behold and fantasy meets reality in an epic story that leave readers sighing but satisfied in its wake.

Highly recommended for the avid reader and novice alike, there is very little to be disgruntled about. Among other stellar works such as ‘A Silver Minstrel’, ‘A Violet Dream’, ‘Voyage to Ganymede’, and ‘Forbidden Coombe Moonstone’, Mr. R.A. Jones brings home another superb bestseller that people will be talking about for years to come.

There is no doubt at all that if people go online to shop books, they are bound to find more than one warm and fuzzy review of this superb masterpiece. Dubbed a timeless piece of literature by many, it is easily available and definitely worth buying.

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