How to Fix “Zip File Is Too Large” Error from DropBox

Sometimes you need to download a zip file from a DropBox link which is shared with you, or you have decided to share data via the popular cloud base with your colleague or friend. Now, as per the rules of DropBox, it’s not so easy for you to download a shared file from the dropbox that size is 1GB. While downloading a large file, you have to get an error that is “Zip file is too large” pop-up on your computer system. 

Zip file is too large error

We know that this issue is more frustrating and time-consuming, but you have no need to worry there are a few ways to slip through the cracks, and we are providing these ways below.

If you are trying to share a file with someone else that size is over the 1GB limit, then we will suggest you to splitting that .zip file into smaller sizes to download quickly. To do this, 7-Zip is one of the best freeware for compressing data which is available today.

What makes 7-Zip interesting is the fact that it is providing an option to split files, and we hope that it works very well.

How to Split .zip file with 7-Zip?

First of all, you need to download the program from the official website.

Where 32-bit and 64-bit options are are available, so you can select the one that fits well with the specifications of your computer system.

  • After completing the downloading, you need to open it.
  • Now search for the required .zip file.
  • Then right-click on the file then select the Split file from the list.
  • When you click on the Split file option, a new window will open on your computer system.
  • In this window, you need to select the size volume of the files once they are split into multiples.
  • Now select your suitable size volume and then click on the OK option, and wait for 7-Zip to do its thing.
  • At last, you need to upload these files to DropBox.

How to combine the split files back into a single entity

Some of the users are wanted to know that how to combine the data after download. So for those users, we are suggesting few steps in this para. They need to copy them into a folder, then directly right-click on a single split file and then select the option that is Combine files, and wait for the action.

Use DropBox for Windows 10

In the different way of possibly getting around the 1GB restriction is to download DropBox for the users of Windows 10. The software doesn’t have the same draconian restriction limits when compared to, so it is the best reason to have it.

  • You need to download this program from the trusted website and then install it.
  • After that, a window will show on your screen for your login details.
  • When you have filled all the information, the DropBox should now be a member of your Windows 10 desktop in similar ways to OneDrive.
  1. If you want to add your files to DropBox, then you can just right-click on it and then select the option “Move to DropBox:
  2. If there’s already a file in large size in your account, you should have no problems whatsoever synchronizing it with your Windows 10 computer system.

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