6 Ideas to Market your New Self-Published Book

6 Ideas to Market your New Self-Published Book

To attract potential readers to reach out to your new self-published book, apply result-driven marketing strategies by experts using mostly the digital platforms to lure their targets. Like other successful self-publishers, you might find it a more convenient and manageable option rather than following the usual way of publishing a book by waiting for the approval of any publisher. However, they have to apply cutting-edge marketing tools and strategies to connect with the target audiences.

We are now breathing in the time, where everything is digitized. People spend most of their time online via any device from smartphones to laptops and thus marketers use digital platforms to promote their products. Thinking of promoting your new book? Some ideas to market your self-published books are here—

Collaborate with a reputed studio to receive all services

Connect with a self-publishing company on the first go to receive all the relevant services required for publishing your new book. Starting from providing the best book cover layout designing services to getting you connected with talented book cover illustrators, the studio will stand by your side throughout the process. You can also get the final editing done by experts to convert the book into a digital copy to attract eBook readers on several platforms, primarily Amazon.

The professionally designed book cover layouts and illustrations are the primary vehicles to promote books. So, be sceptical before finalizing the copies and judge the work by stepping into the shoes of your readers. If you follow the same rule in every step of marketing your book, you might make it a triumphant venture.

Support from Professional Marketing Agency 

There are a few studios that can also help you to promote the book by offering an end-to-end marketing solution by experts. You can also separately hire a marketing agency reputed for making many books a success. Follow their work and see how they can do justice with your new book and make it more acceptable to the targeted readers by using digital marketing solutions and other useful services.

Create your digital platform as a writer

 As a writer, you must create your platform in the digital world. Start with your blog site or a website, where you can share every detail of your writing works so far. Create a newsletter section where interested people can sign up to receive fresh updates from your site.

Consider creating a new website for your new book. Having an individual website of the book will support the branding for which you would invest upon. With the professional intervention of a team of creative ninja web designers and developers, create and launch a highly UI and UX boosted website to lure more potential customers.

Connect with your target audiences through emails

Your admirers would love to receive the emails showcasing the latest updates on the book. You can share links to the recent interviews and vlogs or blogs with your readers to instigate more interest in them.

Also, email marketing is an excellent way to increase awareness and for branding your new book. The marketing professionals sieve out the target audiences by studying the demographics and take Search engine marketing solutions like email marketing to send push or promotional emails to those targeted individuals that would likely click on the links shared on the emails to know more about this new book.

Send event updates & giveaway offers

Spread the news of the events that you will conduct. Also, your target readers would love to receive free giveaways such as exciting offers like an extra discount or any particular gift on buying each copy of your book.

You can offer free giveaways to local schools or hospitals or a copy to the local library to reach out to the target audiences faster than you think!

Social media & Google PPC Advertising 

Use the social media platform to create a strong bond with your potential readers that you target to buy your book. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites develop a strong follower base by posting interesting and relevant content.

 PPC campaigns are strategically created to pull more customers. Expect unimaginable conversions with high-quality Pay per click services for promoting your self-published book.

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