Martial Arts for Fitness, Fun and Fambam

Martial Arts for Fitness, Fun and Fambam

Ever saw The Incredibles and found it cool that they all work out together as a team? You too can choose martial arts for fitness and family bonding. Keep reading to find out the benefits of online martial arts classes for beginners and families. 

The daily hustle for a quality life is inevitable in today's competitive environment. Finding time for self and family thus becomes almost impossible. But 'almost impossible' is not impossible, right? Combining fitness training with family bonding time is a fun and fruitful way to take out time for yourself and your loved ones. It might seem tough but martial arts for fitness training with family is an efficient idea. 

Unlike what it looks like, martial arts are easy to learn. The age for beginners is 5-10 years. Even inexperienced individuals can learn simple moves from various martial arts for fitness training. With the help of this article, you can begin learning martial arts and help your family bond better with each other while getting fit and healthy. 

What are the Benefits of Practising Martial Arts? 

Any form of physical activity, even walking, has infinite benefits for the health of the body and the mind. There are multiple benefits of practising martial arts for fitness and strength but there are other benefits too. 

There are a lot of small activities besides the moves and the exercises like rolling out the mats, clearing the space, getting the water bottles filled up and so much more. As a family, using martial arts for fitness will also provide you that extra time that you need to help improve bonding, communication and mutual love. Let's discuss all the benefits of martial arts point by point. 

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids 

Studies from around the globe suggest that children need at least 60 minutes of daily exercise. Children are quick to learn and very flexible. If started at an early age, martial arts can help kids by teaching them the following values: 

Teamwork: Training begins with solo exercises but as kids advance, in their martial arts training they get to spar against each other. This involves a lot of teamwork so that both students can learn and grow at the same time. 

Discipline: Most martial arts involve control over one's actions and emotions. Beginning at an early age helps inculcate discipline and self-control in children which benefits them throughout their life. 

Mindfulness: Focus is the key to excelling at all forms of martial arts. Students need to be aware of their surroundings and yet be focused on a single object. This practice eventually develops mindfulness and improves concentration. 

These values help enhance the personality of your child. It is thus important that you encourage your kids to practice martial arts for fitness and mental well being. 

Be a Team and Not Just a Family! 

Martial arts are incredible when it comes to building bonds between individuals. You should always practice martial arts with your family to improve communication, bonding, trust, affection and understanding. People go out with their family to share experiences over food or coffee or shopping or a movie. 

Why not do the same thing while pursuing a healthier goal and getting to know another aspect of each other's personality. Besides the below-listed benefits, it can help you become a strong team who keep each other motivated through tough times. Keeping in mind the recent Covid 19 implications, it becomes even more important that you make better decisions as leaders of your families and parents. 

Let's look at other benefits of practising martial arts for fitness and family bonding. 

Quality Family Time: Admit it, it is hard to find time to spend exclusively with your loved ones. Sometimes the parents are busy with work while the kids are busy with school the other times. Engaging in martial arts to achieve group fitness goals can serve as a great way to interact, communicate, bond and understand each other in a whole new light. 

Develop a Common Interest: At the beginning, activities like warm-up exercise circuits, light sparring and throwing punches should be your first choice when trying martial arts for fitness. Later as you and your family develop an interest in learning martial arts further, you can pursue it together and help each other get better at your common interest. 

Get In Shape Together: Often we fall short of our fitness goals due to various reasons. Family members can provide the motivation that you need to keep going and not stop. Besides, as a parent, you would not want to set an example of laziness in front of your children. This urge to keep going for the benefit of the team helps the whole family get in shape by using martial arts for fitness training. 

Don't Wait, Start Practicing Martial Arts for Fitness with Your Family

Martial arts are great to pursue in a group as they teach teamwork, discipline, communication and help build self-esteem and strong bonds of trust. Trying them together as a family is even more beneficial as it brings you together and keeps you motivated to achieve the set goal. Although, it can be confusing to choose a beginning point. 

Why not let an expert decide what is best for you and your family? You can find tonnes of online martial arts classes for beginners on various websites. Online courses provide you with the option of expert consultation before committing to anything. These courses are curated for children as young as 5 years and as old as 18 years. People of any age group can enrol and begin learning martial arts online with relative ease. 

Hopefully, this article will encourage you to incorporate martial arts into your family’s fitness routine. Also, If you're looking for an online martial arts course, visit PiggyRide and explore their classes.

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