6 Best Ways To Become More Fashionable In 2021

6 Best Ways To Become More Fashionable In 2021

In the 2020 resolution many people thought they would wear all the best cool looking clothes but unfortunately COVID 19 forced everyone to wear only sweatshirts and leggings. But this year the resolution remains the same, we will wear all the Pilgrim collars, micro minis and the strange new denim shapes - everything.

If you are in a worry of losing out, then keep calm. We are here with the best trend you should try in 2021. This year fashion is not going to cost you a dime. Be it belt or a cozy maxi you will love the list.


It used to be the practical accessory to hold up baggy pants. But the new way is the midsection belt. Try using this little extra to cinch a dress, blazer, or sweater, aka a trick that has returned from the past.


This color combo is really a no-brainer. When you are in a dilemma, basics come to the rescue, and there's no competition with classic white button-down and black pants. In 2021 it's still as reliable as ever, but that doesn't mean you can't experiment. Addition of scarves, belts, and earrings, or go with layering and pair your favorite white top with an elegant LBD.


Taking that little extra pop, maybe a bold shoe or hat, to entertain some neutrals. 2021 says “Go all out!” And, be confident  for borderline surprise combinations, either. Many of our favorite Instagram influencers and celebrities take advantage of the color blocking trend, and the number of shades that can be paired perfectly together.

Matching Sets

The NEW Way: Yes, matching sets and sweat suits can still be worn around the house, but they work for social settings, too. We enjoy ramping up these pre-planned looks with a chunky pair of white boots, layered necklaces, or a turtleneck. And, if you don't have a matching set (or, if they're all in your 2019 laundry room)? You can easily produce a similar vibe with pieces in the monochromatic color family.

Voluminous Sleeves and Shoulders

In 2019 and early 2020, we were all about looks and charm. Nothing was too much, and we got the urge to try with drop earrings, blotches accessories, and high heels. In 2021 nothing is going to stop us from channeling the '80s, but we've also grown to love puff-sleeved pieces all on their own. A voluminous dress creates the perfect one-and-done look especially in zoom calls, and puff-sleeved tops quickly make leggings, jeans, and even sweats feel fancy.


This has always been one of the most versatile things in the fashion world. Be it a summer night, throw it on with sandals or going to a wedding, dress it up with jewels and heels.

This year we are calling this shiny child the "blanket dress," since it fully covers our legs on the days we spend chilling on the couch. However, don’t forget to keep an eye on our posts. We will keep you updated with the new fashion trends.

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