Staying engaged for long? or want to get married soon? Have a look

Many of couples want to revel in the only chance that they get to have a leisure engagement and to also enjoy in the special status allocated to them before mulling over the various options laid out to then and taking their own sweet time in planning the wedding. Some just want to cut to the chase and just get married. Yes! you all do agree that being engaged is so magical and exciting as the period is said to be the best time to know each other deeply and know each other to depths. It is also said to be the stepping stone to marriage as a deep foundation that builds a beautiful everlasting foundation. It is not just a mere formality but a commitment for life. Having a short engagement is your choice and how short it must be is your choice.

Generally, the length of the engagement is dependent on two main factors:

  • The plan and type of wedding
  • How long you want to stay engaged.

If you see all over, generally for a traditional wedding all over India it will come with its own fixings. A formal and a traditional engagement is around 6-12 months. This time limit is set because there are so many things to be considered such as choosing the venue, shopping for relatives, accessories, dresses, shoes, flowers, select the vendors of your choice who provide you various services such as purohit, photographer, caterer, decoration team etc. who plan all the details. You can register on the website and avail the services and have the best experience of your lives.

It sounds like the time limit is too much? Why need so much time? The true story here is once you have finalized the dates and decided on the venue, you go to the booking office. The rude shock that you get is when you hear that it is already booked many months prior to someone else. You are stumped and have no choice and settle for some other hall halfheartedly. You have a good designer in hand and approach her for the wedding dress. She/he is already full with orders and can’t accommodate our order and cuts a sorry figure. You are disheartened again and start searching for some other designer.  Do you need to go through all this? If you plan well in advance, then you can avoid such situations. If you are very decisive and have a great team who can put together a great show, then you can comfortably plan a wedding within 6-9 months keeping in mind the time constraints and the ability to work fast. Impress the guests with great service.

If you are planning to host the wedding in a less traditional manner like a court wedding or a simple ceremony in the place of worship such as a church or a temple, then you can forgo many of the things such as cutting down the planning time. You can have a smaller wedding or an event that suits your budget well as per your personality. You can buy a dress/saree of the rack from a mall/shop which also has a sale, select the vendors who provide you all the wedding services etc. within the limited time. You can invite all the friends and relatives in 2-3 months of time and book accommodation for them close by the venue and arrange transportation so they can join you.

And last but not the least a surprise wedding or elopement. If you get engaged in a day and want to get married in a week’s time then consider setting up a small reception or a dinner for close friends and family at your home or in a private hall which accommodates slightly lesser people. You can surprise them with a small and sweet ceremony before everyone sits for dinner. You can cut on your budget so much and celebrate that special day with the people who you love without any financial constraints. You can now find all the top venues, priests, services, vendors for best wedding halls in Hyderabad.

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