3 Best Types Of Terrier Dogs You Can Adopt

If you have recently shifted abroad for your further studies, then you might be feeling lonely. And in most of the cases, students drown in depression because of loneliness. If you don't want to be the victim of depression, consider adopting a cute little pup. Whether you agree or not, there can't be a better companion than a dog who will love you and treat you like 'God'. Hence, if you really feel lonely at your new apartment, consider adopting a little dog. ONLY do this if you are responsible and can take them for daily walks and socialise them. And can afford to feed them properly (including meat).

Now, you must be thinking which type of dog you can purchase, right? Well, if you visit a puppy adaptation center or a pet shop or breeder, you will find numerous types of dog breeds there and trust me you, will be spoilt for choice. But if you ask me personally, I would often consider telling you the benefits of adopting a terrier dog. This breed of dog is actually a category of Hunting Dog Breeds. You may wonder, why choose this breed? Well, it's because these dogs are extremely alert, diligent, intelligent and really good hunters. Though you may not like hunting that much yet, you can be rest assured that when you have this kind of pooch in your home you will stay safe from burglars. And the small dogs were often breed and evolved to be ratters, so they will keep the vermin population down similar to a cat.

Have no idea about types of terrier dogs? Don't worry, just read the article and know about the three best types of terrier pooches that might suit you.

  • Australian Terrier: If you want to own a great watchdog for your home, then you must undoubtedly adopt an Australian Terrier dog. These dogs don't just excel as watchdogs but are also capable enough to perform eligibility tasks at any dog show. Like any other terrier breed, these pooches are quite playful and energetic too. The best part is these dogs don't fall under the category of "high-maintenance" dogs. All you need to do is take them for a walk on a regular basis or else (off lead when they are social), or they may become highly aggressive. Treated right, they treat you with a lot of respect.
  • American Hairless Terrier: If you want to adopt a pup that will grow into an affectionate, smart and playful dog, then you can always choose the American hairless terriers. These dogs are not just smart, affectionate and playful but can make amazing watchdogs too. But, there are just two things you need to keep in mind. One, keep them away from water as they are bad swimmers. And two, you need to bathe them twice a week. If you ever find any cuts on their body immediately recover it using an antiseptic liquid.  Feed them more Omega 3 than in dog food to assist with the higher washing needs keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Maltese Terrier: These dogs are another type of terrier which is quite intelligent, playful and extremely gentle. Maltese terrier dogs are said to be royal dogs as they were mostly owned by royal families and refined women belonging to the 1800s era. You need to train them on a regular basis and set boundaries as well so that they don't act stubborn and dominate the house. To keep them clean, you can wash them just once a week. However, you need to clean their tears and saliva regularly to prevent staining on their white coat.

These are considered by many to be the three best types of small Terrier Dogs that you can purchase for your home. So, what are you waiting for? Visit a nearest puppy adoption center or a breeder and ask them to show you a little terrier, so that you can have a companion in the new country.  Remember dogs need to associate daily with other dogs to stay balanced and happy. An exercised dog is a happy dog and will make your house a lot more peaceful.

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