A Peak In The World Of Will Dispute And Ways To Deal

A Will is a document through which a property is distributed. Often, there are legal complications that arise regarding the distribution of the property through the Will. One of the beneficiaries or one of the parties whose name isn’t mentioned in the will can file the dispute.

The issues regarding the Will mostly arise after the death of the legal estate holder who has prepared the will. This is because of the fact the contents of the will are revealed only after the death of the person. The conflict of interest is the main cause that gives rise to the dispute regarding the Will.

In the case of contesting the contents of the Will or being the defender, it is necessary to take the legal path. The Estate disputes lawyer/Attorney help the clients in taking the proper legal route that helps them in getting the best possible legal result.

Understanding the situations

An Estate disputes lawyer/Attorney, in case of Will disputes, handles a wide range of legal issues. Some of them are:

  • Disputes over the people involved in will distribution
  • Disputes over the timing in for the beneficiary to collect the property
  • Property debt or outstanding taxes disputes
  • Conflicts involving the interpretation or application of various state laws, Conflicts over distribution of monetary funds

However, there is also the law where the Will may contain no-contest clause. This is the clause, recognised by law, that disqualifies any beneficiary of the Will who contests it in the court of law.

Handling the disputes

Mostly the dispute occurs after the creator of the Will passes away. Thus, any contest regarding the will is considered as a legal issue. It is settled in the probate court overseen by a judge. Generally, the judge specialises in Will disputes. The probate process may also include administering the overall distribution of the estate rather than just passing the verdict.

How will lawyer help?

The documents and process involved in the entire process are complicated. It requires the help of an estate lawyer who has experience in the field and knows different laws. They will help in research, drafting, and execution of a dispute settlement or lawsuit.

Attorney Mike Gertner will take care to understand the particular nature of your case before providing any advice or developing a strategy for achieving your goals.

There are very short time limits on when you can challenge a will or other estate process. Therefore, if you find yourself in the midst of an inheritance dispute, contact us right away by calling 614-463-9393 or 877-772-1011 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation.

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