Why To Sought The Assitance Of Truck Accident Attorney/Lawyer?

An auto accident is a concern in itself and the burden increases when the aspect of dealing with the Insurance companies appears. The Truck Accident Attorney/Lawyer efficiently handles the payment of claims for the accident related bills. Often, the issues take longer time for resolving and the matters get dragged to court. Whether or not it reaches the court, the able guidance of the lawyers will help you in getting your claim payment smoothly.

Reasons for accidents

When it comes to the causes of the accident the individual reasons will sum up to many. Differentiating those in the broad categories help in identifying the causes of the truck accidents. Some of the common causes are:

  1. Speeding of the vehicle
  2. Intervention of weather including ice, sleet, wind, rain, fog or snow
  3. Distraction during driving due to reasons like phone or texting, attention to other passengers, looking out at the view, etc.
  4. Drowsiness, it includes different reasons which can cause tiredness in the driver that ultimately can turn out as the reason for the accident.
  5. Aggressive driving that includes tailgating also could lead to accident

If you are involved in an accident due to the above reasons which are someone else's fault, the Truck Accident Attorney/Lawyer will always help you in recovering the claim settlement payment from the Insurance company.

Who is a victim?

It is necessary to understand when you are treated as a victim of the auto accident. It’s a common misconception that the victims directly hit by the automobile, the driver, or the passengers in the car are the ones considered as victims. However, the list further includes the bystanders harmed during the accident and in some cases, it also extends to the spouse of the injured person.

Paying the bill

The owner of the car, the driver driving the car at the time of the accident, or the driver’s employer are responsible for paying the bill for the accident and that will certainly involve their Insurance Company. It’s a common practice to try and reduce the compensating amount claimed by the victim. However, the victim is not obliged to give any information to the other Insurance Company and let their lawyer deal with the situation professionally.

If you have sustained a serious injury from a car-truck collision while driving in the Chicagoland area, including on Lake Cook Road, Rand Road (Route 12), Eisenhower, the Kennedy, Dan Ryan and Eden Expressways, or any of the major highways that crisscross our state, you need a law firm that couples care with solid representation. Contact our Chicago semi-truck injury lawyer at SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC, to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 847-255-9925 or toll free at 877-286-8180.

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