Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Civil litigation is a broad area of law that not many people acknowledge. The way companies and businesses respond to a legal action influences their future operations by a large margin. 

Minor mistakes such as delays after a court service can heavily impact your company. You need the best civil litigation team to keep you ahead in court proceedings and tribunals. This area of law allows attorneys to collect and retrieve documents and evidence faster, saving a lot of time and ensuring that justice is done faster. 

Civil litigation attorneys can also work effectively at home, saving you the pressure and time of attending lengthy tribunals and court proceedings. You can easily use online software for effective litigation management. 

Civil litigation attorneys will always be with your every step of the way, from the beginning of the case till it ends. Keep in mind that this area of law is quite detailed and entails several things. It has issues such as voluminous documents, complex calculations, presentation of witnesses, persuasion through technology, and defense of witnesses. 

The litigation process involves research and case analysis, forecasting, and presentation in court. An excellent civil litigation lawyer will help relieve stress, confusion, and the challenges faced in lawsuits. Individual cases do not call for litigation, and your attorney will guide you through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. These include: 


Negotiation is one of the most effective methods of resolving disputes. As the name suggests, two parties are given time to reach a settlement that they both agree on. It is often held through discussion between parties or their representatives but does not involve any third party. 

Your civil litigation attorney will help you understand your duties and rights relating to the matter at hand and how you can reach an agreement without compromising on the crucial things. 


Mediation involves a neutral third party, unlike negotiation. The third-party assists the parties to reach a common ground of agreement. However, he or she is not allowed to try and influence either of the parties. 

Mainly known as a mediator, he/ she conducts communication between the parties in a fair, honest, and impartial way. A mediator’s primary role is to identify any underlying concerns and aid in the clarification of issues. 

Mediation involves finding solutions that are workable for both parties. A mediator cannot give any legal advice to the parties as his primary role is to facilitate communication. You will need the services of a civil litigation lawyer to help you arrive at an informed decision in dispute resolution. 


This is one of the most complex alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. It is a private process where parties consent to dispute resolution by a third party who listens to their argument and review the evidence before making a decision. 

The whole scene resembles a trial since parties must make their opening statements and present evidence simultaneously. You will still need a Florida civil litigation attorney in Florida and its environs to represent you in arbitration cases. 

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