Is Delhi best for IAS preparation?

Is Delhi best for IAS preparation?

Do many candidates ask if Delhi is best for IAS preparation? Delhi is a hub for popular IAS coaching and study material. Delhi seems to be the place which maximum candidates feel closer to their success in the IAS exam. Candidates who are preparing in other states and cities can ask the question, is Delhi best for IAS preparation?

  • Why should we live in Delhi for UPSC preparation?
  • Is Delhi a good choice for UPSC?

These are some common and frequently asked questions that keep the aspirant stuck when they start their IAS preparation but before joining the best IAS coaching in Delhi, you should check if the environment of Delhi is suitable or not.

Candidates should research thoroughly regarding the preferred coaching institute, rent, and other expenses before moving to Delhi.

Think about your UPSC strategy properly and don't make a plan overnight before moving to Delhi for UPSC preparation.

Why do candidates prefer Delhi? 

There are various Coaching Institutes in Delhi and candidates also can attract from experienced candidates and toppers of UPSC to get a better perspective of the examination, the fellow candidates who are re-appearing in the exam also prove helpful to the new candidates.

The challenging environment of Delhi keeps the candidates motivated towards achieving their goals. The other thing is, candidates will have to survive in a new city on their own. This makes them more responsible and less worried about others. 

When a candidate lives at home among friends he has to face a lot of destruction in their social life. But every candidate cannot manage to come to Delhi for IAS preparation.

Delhi is a hub of the IAS coaching center

Candidates may be confused due to the abundance of the best IAS coaching in Delhi which are providing various courses at a time. Some candidates often get trapped with the wrong institute and waste their money and time. 

Too much study material hampers the target-specific routine for them. They face a lot of relevant information regarding the exam along with a large number of resources, books, and notes. Therefore, it becomes difficult to get through UPSC on the first attempt.

Mentally effect

The environment of Delhi affects the physical as well as the psychological state of the candidates. They can feel discomfort and challenge themselves to survive at first. Some candidates also face homesickness and stress during their preparation at Delhi. 

Generally, candidates deal with this problem eventually but some students become mentally weak and get stuck which causes their failure in the civil service exam later. Candidates face several challenges from the beginning till the end of their IAS journey. 

They feel low and want to give preparation but when they see successful candidates who have prepared at Delhi or the candidates who are reappearing in the exam, they understand that this exam needs specific potential and strength.

Some Common problems

Delhi is the most populated as well as the polluted city of India. It is not an easy task to live in Delhi with all expenses for the candidates coming from various states. They have to face a series of hurdles that they have never encountered while living in their hometowns.

The growing industry of the best IAS coaching in Delhi is a big problem for the candidates. But all of these institutes don't provide quality coaching and their claims are not true regarding the success story of candidates.

There are several various coaching centers in Delhi but approx 10 to 17 candidates from Delhi get selected to the final merit list. 

Coaching institutes charge between 1.5 lakh to 2 lacs for whole IAS preparation. Some institutes also provide various courses concerning prelims, mains, and interviews because many candidates prepare for a particular paper.

Youth Destination provides online classes and study material that help in preparation from any part of the country, so it is not necessary to go to live in Delhi if you can not adjust to it. Main candidates cannot study effectively in-classroom coaching. No doubt, there are some best IAS coaching in Delhi but suitability to the environment of Delhi is also important.

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