How to find the best recruiters in Los Angeles in your niche

According to a study conducted by Frontline Source group, around 90% of businesses use recruiting agencies. Looking at these stats you might decide to hire an agency to fulfill your staffing needs. But wait, don’t start sending proposals to every recruiter you come across. You need to be careful with your selection, as working with the wrong staffing agency will only lead to less than perfect hires.

But how do you reach the best recruiters in Los Angeles? To make things easy for you, we are sharing some strategies that will help you find right kind of recruiters in your niche.

1. Tap Your Network

Many senior professionals in your organization might have worked with recruiters either as a client or as a candidate at some point in their careers. Gather information about recruiters by asking the most experienced professionals around you.

Other sources to know about recruiters are people working in your industry. You can call Human Resources department of companies in your niche and ask about the recruiters they work with. Compile a list of recruiters providing services to organizations in your niche.

2. Look in Recruiter Directories

There are several online recruiter directories that can give you a good head start in your search for the best recruiter in your niche.

Some of the online recruiter directories are available for free while some require you to pay a one-time access fee. You can search by specialty to find top recruiters in your niche.

3. Look for Recruiters Profile Online

Online directories are not the only one source for finding recruiters online. You can also find profiles on networking sites like, LinkedIn, and similar sites. You can ask fellow members for recommendations or conduct a proper keyword research to find recruiters in your niche.

Networking sites like LinkedIn have a large number of recruiters in every niche. According to a market study, a search with keywords like a recruiter, recruiting, staffing, and recruitment consultant will yield you more than 611,000 results. You can also get a breakdown of recruiters by industries.

Majority of the networking sites offer free membership but you will be required to pay some fee to access premium features like advanced search to find top recruiters in Los Angeles.

4. Check Career-Networking Sites

Though it may sound a little out-of-left-field, career networking sites can be good places to find top recruiters in your niche. You can find recruiters referrals on message boards given by professional society or trade associations.

NetShare is one such career networking site used by executives and you will often find referrals of recruitment consultants given by members on the discussion or message boards. In addition to career networking sites, you can also find information about top recruiters on boards hosted by your industry association, trade groups, or professional society.

Follow these strategies to find best recruiters in Los Angeles and you will have successfully compiled a list of top recruiters in your niche. The next thing you need to do is interview the recruiters to get an idea about their expertise, experience, and network and choose an agency which has best of all.


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