What are Advantages of Working with Recruiting Agencies in NYC?

Recent research reveals a large number of companies rely on recruitment agencies to fill vacancies. Reduced overhead costs and faster filling of open positions are some of the advantages of working with recruiting agencies in NYC. But that is not all; there are several hidden advantages that make staffing agencies your best recruitment partner. Here are the top three advantages you should know.

1. Having A Candidate Pool

When internal recruiters work to fill vacant positions, a lot of talent attraction activities are targeted at attracting applicants who respond to job adverts. A large number of applicants might not be right for the position and your internal recruiters would be spending a large amount of time on filtering, assessing the candidates and communicating with them.

Forward-looking recruitment agencies are known to study upcoming trends in hiring and build candidates pools that have candidates with right skill sets and experience. Recruiting agencies are also known to test candidates for skills and experience which means the candidates referred by the agencies are worthy of consideration and interview.

2. Help in Building the Employer Brand

Leading companies spend huge amounts of money to build an employer brand. For those who don’t know, an employer brand is very important in today’s times as it helps in attracting top talent. By discussing and planning with a recruitment agency, you can determine the most attractive and compelling attributes of your company for current employees and prospects.

Today’s job market is candidate driven and top talent is flooded with job opportunities. A good recruitment agency will give potential candidates insights of your business – a feel of the work culture, career opportunities, and benefits of working in your company.

3. Guarantees New Recruits

Retention rate is important for companies as they spend a significant amount on the whole recruitment process and training of the new recruits. If the new employees leave the company in a shorter period, the company not only suffers productivity losses but the money spent on recruiting also goes down the drain.

Leading recruitment agencies in NYC or elsewhere offer various types of guarantees for the services they provide. Some of the guarantees provided by staffing agencies are

· Full Money Back Guarantee- Some staffing agencies offer full money back guarantee if new recruits leave the company within the negotiated time period. This helps in covering some losses.

· Full Replacement Guarantee- Some staffing agencies offer candidate replacement guarantee to their clients. They provide a new candidate free of cost if the earlier recruit was deemed unsuitable for the position or leaves the company within the negotiated time period.

The above-mentioned advantages clearly show you have an edge in recruiting when working with recruiting agencies in NYC.

Do you use recruitment agencies to fulfil your staffing needs?

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