Can locum tenens physician be the ideal fit for your care facility?

Can locum tenens physician be the ideal fit for your care facility?

Did you know? The United States is already facing a physician shortage issue. By the year 2033, the United States is predicted to undergo a significant provider shortage of up to 139,000. Hence, it’s high time to address this provider shortage issue by filling the jobs with quality providers. However, both providers and healthcare facilities have one of the most nail-biting concerns. Will locum tenens be the ideal fit?

It’s always a huge challenge to get the ideal match between providers and care facilities. This article aims to discuss how hiring a locum tenens physician through medical locum agencies can help in finding the right match between providers and care facilities without any hassles. Furthermore, hiring locum tenens can also help to address physician shortage issues as well.

Let’s go through multiple ways how medical locum agencies help in connecting the right locum tenens physicians with the right care facilities:

For Providers

When providers apply for a locum tenens job, they should be completely aware of the relevant job responsibilities that every healthcare facility offers. Accordingly, providers should calibrate their CVs so that they could be the ideal fit for the relevant healthcare facility.

Suppose a surgeon who is interested in a locum tenens job might feel convenient to work with adult patients only. What happens if the care facility expects him to manage even pediatric cases? In order to get rid of this confusion, medical locum agencies help you to clarify upfront. With thorough clarification, you will get an idea about the type of work profile as well as the expectations of locums' work. Similarly, care facilities can find other surgeons to handle pediatric cases. Thus, it is easily possible to get rid of the element of sudden shock.

For Care Facilities

As many care facilities were found understaffed since the COVID-19 pandemic, they were experiencing difficulty in completing the credentialing work for their doctors. Partnering with medical locum agencies like ProLocums can really help. They help care facilities in expediting the digital credentialing process. Hence, employers can quickly hire locum tenens, especially during an emergency. According to the preferences set by care facilities, they can get the best quality locum providers as early as possible without any hassles.

For Patients

How can a care facility take care of its patients? Only when they get quality providers, it is possible to focus on delivering timely care to their patients. Considering the seriousness of the situation, medical locum agencies help care facilities by providing quality locum tenens as much as possible. Furthermore, these agencies take care of their digital credentialing work. This work will be more detailed, precise, and faster. Hence, care facilities get equipped with skilled locum tenens physicians to offer the best timely care to their patients. On top of that, the patients are not at risk due to inefficient or inaccessible providers. 
Moreover, locum agency platforms help to keep credentials (education history, work experience, and training) compliant through continuous tracking as well as timely automated follow-ups.

What are the advantages of bringing a locum tenens on board?

  • Getting a locum tenens physician on board provides the opportunity to give more vacations to your permanent staff. These providers can manage the workload especially if the patient population rises all of a sudden.
  • As locum providers can improve the quality of care delivered to their patients, it can directly enhance patient satisfaction scores as well.
  • Locum tenens physicians are only temporary staff. Hence, there is no need to pay a full-time salary package or any other additional benefits.
  •  A care facility will get an opportunity to test these locum doctors by hiring them on board before offering them full-time employment.

Final Takeaway

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to hiring locum tenens physicians to address physician shortage issues while delivering timely access to care. With locum tenens opportunities in place, even providers can try multiple care facilities and see which one really works for them.

Hence, the answer to the question, “Will locum tenens be the ideal fit?” is yes. So, make sure to publish locum tenens physician jobs and hire locum providers right away. 


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