Top Female Inspirational Speakers In India

Top Female Inspirational Speakers In India

There is nothing stronger than a woman who is trying to build herself from the scratch.

Women are the epitome of power and inspiration. They see the world in a different and positive way that is beyond the beauties of life. They are driven with empathy and compassion.

In many ways, the evolution of women has been epic. Women were granted the right to vote, they had the right to study, they had their own freedom and choices. Women have made their countries proud in every field of life whether it is related to education, sports or any other aspiring area.

Similarly in the speaking industry, female motivators and orators are highly valued. After so many years, Indian women have the chance to stand out in the world, they are not afraid anymore of the patriarchal systems of the country. New opportunities bring new challenges and adventures. There are many inspirational women speakers in India who are rediscovering and redefining the world with their charisma and magnetism.

List of Top Female Motivators In India

Here’s a list of the best lady motivators in India who are known for their undeniable qualities.

1.    Mary Kom- An Olympic boxer who is a wife, mother, and a survivor- Mary Kom’s life journey has been an inspiration for millions of women out there. She is known to break the stereotype that married women who are mothers can not become successful and accomplished athletes. One of the best inspirational speakers in India, she always tries to help other women boxers to follow their dreams and passions. A lady with utter determination and toughness, she is an inspiration to many.

2.    Vidya Balan- An Indian actor who is acknowledged all over the world for the change she bought in Bollywood. It’s important for women to be confident, to take their stands in front of the world. She as a motivational lady speaker has made it possible for women to take their own stands without worrying about society. She is a blend of intellect, hard work, and confidence.

3.    Dr. Kiran Bedi- India’s first female IPS officer and one of the best women motivational speakers, Kiran Bedi is known for her determination and hard work. Her strong desire to fight injustice has helped many people. She has created many reforms in the Tihar jail which lead to discipline in the jail. An inspirational woman speaker, who is a motivation for many people, Kiran Bedi is best known for her discipline and firm decisions.

4.    Sushmita Mohanty- An Indian spaceship designer, she was featured on the cover page of Fortune magazine. She is a traveler, an explorer, and an adventurist. She inspires women to try something new and different, the road that is not taken. A motivational lady speaker, she is acknowledged for her amazing contribution to the country. 

5.    Mithali Raj- A fierce batsman and the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mithali Raj has set up the standards of cricket with her commendable performance and records. She is known for her positive and never quitting attitude. She has inspired millions of women to follow their dreams and passion with utmost determination and self-belief. One of the best women motivational speakers, she speaks at various conferences and seminars. 

These motivational lady speakers bring a sense of steadiness and stability with a hint of maturity. Today, people draw inspiration and motivation from women speakers as they believe that women are better at understanding any situation. We have female motivational speakers from all walks of life, discussing topics related to economy, education, lifestyle changes, women’s rights, justice and innovation.

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