The price of the Honda Brio in 2021 is Rp. 200 million

The price of the Honda Brio in 2021 is Rp. 200 million

During 2020, Honda Brio managed to carve a brilliant sales record. According to wholesales sales data (from factories to dealers) compiled from the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (GAIKINDO), Honda Brio managed to record sales figures of 43,021 units.

The sales figures obtained during January-December 2020, made the Honda Brio able to perch at number one among various makes and models of four-wheeled vehicles in the country.

Asking the latest price for the Honda Brio 2021 that is currently being offered, this compact LCGC hatchback made by the manufacturer with an upright 'H' logo is offered at a higher price of IDR 3 million.

The price of the Honda Brio in 2021 is now Rp.149 million to Rp.204 million. Translating to more than IDR 200 million, this Honda flagship product is presented in five variants, All New Honda Brio SM / T, All New Honda Brio EM / T, All New Honda Brio E CVT, All New  Honda Brio RS M / T and All New Honda Brio RS CVT.

The more expensive the Honda Brio RS 2021 relies on a  stylish and eye-catching design

The Honda Brio 2021, which is currently being sold, was introduced in 2018. When it was launched, the Honda Brio received major changes in terms of exterior appearance, interior and features. On the exterior, the Honda Brio 2021 now looks more attractive, sporty and of course eye catching.

The front compartment attached to the dashboard area is made more ergonomic. This certainly makes it easy for users to run every feature available in today's most popular city car.

Honda Brio 2021, Feature-Rich City Car

Then what about the features? The Honda Brio 2021 is supported by quite a lot of features. Not only that, the features embedded in this affordable car by Honda also have the most complete and best-in-class safety and security features.

All variants of the Honda Brio 2021 are now equipped with a braking system with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) technology which can prevent wheel locking when experiencing sudden braking. There is also an Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) which functions to distribute the braking power according to the vehicle load.

Speaking of security features, the All New Honda Brio also gets a variety of contemporary features, starting from keys to Immobilizer technology. This feature consists of a transponder chip in the car key, then attaching it to the keyhole containing the qoil transponder, amplifire transponder key, ECU transponder key and finally sending a signal to the ECU.

In order to meet the safety-related regulations from the Ministry of Transportation, the Honda Brio 2021 now gets an APAR (Light Fire Extinguisher) which is located below.

With an attractive appearance, superior comfort and more complete features in its class, some potential customers see that this city car from Honda is now quite expensive. Given that cars like this are generally sold at affordable prices, usually under Rp. 200 million.

1. Toyota Avanza (IDR 200,2 million)

As a 'million people' car, the big name of the Toyota Avanza is still often written on paper lists of potential buyers when they are looking for a car around Rp. 200 million. Included in the LMPV (Low Multi Purpose Vehicle) category, the Toyota Avanza 1.3 E STD M / T according to the official website is priced at IDR 200.2 million OTR Jakarta.

The Toyota Avanza itself is now equipped with better features and a more attractive appearance than the previous generation. Talking about the kitchen runway, the 1.3L and 1.5L variants now get a new engine which is claimed to be more powerful.

2. Suzuki Ignis (Rp.204.5 million)

Entering the crossover-looking compact hatchback segment, the Suzuki Ignis in its top type is offered at a very competitive price with the Honda Brio 2021. Reporting from its official website, the Suzuki Ignis GX AGS is priced at IDR 204.5 million.

Seeing its class, Suzuki Ignis itself positions itself above the Honda Brio 2021. The features, comfort, and appearance of the compact crossover bearing the 'S' logo are no less cool than the Honda Brio 2021.

The automatic transmission offered at the top type is also fairly responsive and easy to use when compared to the CVT transmission on the Honda Brio 2021.

3. Wuling Cortez (Rp.209 million)

The famous Chinese automotive manufacturer, Wuling, is not yet five years old to have participated in enlivening the Indonesian automotive scene. Wuling itself is famous for offering low prices with abundant features on every product it sells.

One of them is Wuling Cortez. MPV which is predicted as a competitor to this Toyota Kijang Innova . For the Wuling Cortez 1.5ST (4x2) 6 M / T variant, it only costs Rp.209 million OTR Jabodetabek.

In the medium MPV car class, Wuling Cortez has the cheapest price. For those of you who are craving a dream car in the range of Rp. 200 million that can fit 7 people, this type of Cortez can be an alternative.

Likewise the features. Even though the lowest variant, the Wuling Cortez 1.5ST (4x2) 6 M / T gets safety and security features that are fairly complete.


For those of you who are currently looking for a dream car in the range of Rp. 200 million, there are other options that are no less interesting than the Honda Brio RS CVT. The reason is, we see that there are still several other car options that are more attractive from all segments and brands.

You can adjust this option to your needs when looking for a new car. If the primary needs are used to go to the market, taking children to school or college, maybe the Honda Brio, Suzuki Ignis and Daihatsu Sirion can be an option.

However, when you already have a family and want a bigger car at a price of IDR 200 million, you can choose the name Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia or Wuling Cortez.

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