Be a Winner by Knowing The Rummy Tricks

There is a saying, a Smart people don't do different things but do things differently. If you're interested in playing rummy, then you need to acquire rummy tricks to play and win smartly.

There are a few effective tips you should always consider which are discussed here:

In order to survive in the game, you need to manage a pure sequence first hand. By doing this, you'll be ensured that you don’t get the total sum of points of all cards whenever your opponent declares.

Always have a watchful eye on your opponent's game. Just keep following the track of cards they pick or reject from the Open deck. This will help you know which cards need to be hoarded and rejected. Sometimes rejecting high point cards may save your game. Picking up high point cards like King, Queen, Ace, Jack to form a sequence can increase your burden provided your opponent declares their game.

For forming a sequence, you should have 4 cards either pure or with a joker. It's a myth that sequence cannot have more than 3 cards.

You can try collecting jokers and use them wisely. The more they are in number, the better are your chances of winning. You need to be careful also, as they can set you free.

If you've a lifeline i.e. pure sequence, you should then use the available jokers to complete your second round. And if you're having 2 sequences, then use the jokers to form a set with the high point cards. Do not use them in a pure sequence otherwise they'll go waste.

Always try going for versatile middle cards. By this, your middle cards can form varied combinations with other middle cards rather than cards with high or low values. For instance, if you have a set of 6 then it can run with 4,5 or 5,7 or 7,8, while an Ace can only go with 2,3.

Just do not miss your chances to wait for the right sequence. It's wise to keep two consecutive cards for two alternative games. For instance, if you have hearts numbered 8 and 10 and you're waiting for a 9 heart for forming a pure sequence then draw the 7 heart of the same game and reject the 10 heart. By this, you can create a pure sequence by drawing either 9 or 6 heart.

Another rummy tip - if the cards in your hand are not participating in two sequences then just reject them.

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