List of Best Card Shufflers you can buy Online in 2022

List of Best Card Shufflers you can buy Online in 2022

There is undoubtedly no shortage of card games. From Poker to Blackjack, playing cards can be used for many different games. But during a game, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where you have to shuffle cards a lot. In these situations, an automatic card shuffler can be very handy. 

You might have noticed that a casino employee uses a variety of impressive techniques to shuffle cards. But when it comes to accuracy, speed and precision, the majority of people nowadays prefer using a playing card shuffler. These are also used in many professional gaming environments for significant reasons. 

It can be tiring to shuffle cards, particularly during long card games. Though speed is mostly cited as being the main benefit of using an automatic card shuffler, it also protects your hands from straining as well. You can find various kinds of card shufflers, some can shuffle a single deck of cards while others can shuffle multiple decks at a time. This article lists the best automatic card shuffler that you can buy online in 2022. 
Best Card Shufflers In 2022

●    Trademark Poker Card Shuffler
Unlike the name Trademark Poker Card Shuffler, this card shuffler machine is very versatile and can shuffle cards for a variety of different games. Designed to work with standard-sized playing cards, this machine can also accommodate and shuffle cards for other card games such as Skip-Bo. The shuffler can load up to 6 decks of cards and is among the largest-capacity automatic card shufflers available out there. Though being slightly big in size, it still weighs less than 2 pounds making it convenient for portable gaming on the go. 

●    WYZworks Automatic Card Shuffler
Though being our second pick on the list, the WYXworks Automatic Card Shuffler carries the reputation of being your first choice as it is really an expansion of our first pick. It has a similar build and look and can hold up to six decks of cards. But if you want to shuffle 1 or 2 decks, you can still go for it. This card shuffler machine could be the top choice for you if you want compatibility with standard and bridge sized playing cards. It requires 4 C-sized batteries, though they aren’t included with it. 

●    One Eyed Jack Double Use 1 or 2 Card Deck Leather Automatic Card Shuffler
Are you in search of a premium grade playing card shuffler? One Eyed Jack offers a battery-operated premium leather card shuffler that can shuffle 2 decks of standard or poker playing cards at one go. It is easy to operate, you just have to press the lever and remove the shuffled deck. It requires 4 AA batteries. If you are playing simple card games such as Uno or want to bring the casino feel to your next poker night, this card shuffler can be the perfect solution to any such requirements. 

●    Laser Sports Automatic Card Shuffler
The name, Laser Sports Automatic Card Shuffler sounds a bit futuristic and is certainly one of the better card shufflers out there. It offers two different models, both having completely identical power requirements. One takes a single 9-volt battery, while the other requires 4 C-sized batteries. Although it offers a plastic build, the device is nice, simple and easy to use for various card games. 

●    CHH Automatic Card Shuffler
The CHH Automatic Card Shuffler may look a bit compromised on some aspects as compared to other models. It offers an excellent, high-quality package and can fit two decks of cards at one go. Although it is designed for standard playing cards, it can also shuffle other similar-sized cards such as Skip-Bo cards, without any issue. It takes 4 C-sized batteries that are not included in the package. The card shuffler is simple and easy to use and comes at a budget-friendly price. 

Wrapping It Up

Buying an automatic card shuffler may seem to be an unnecessary purchase to some players but it can save a lot of time and work. They can be highly useful for older players or who suffer from conditions like arthritis. A card shuffler machine can add value to both group card games as well as single player card games, making it a worthy purchase. 

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