Why Your Business Needs to Consider VOIP Phone System?

Why Your Business Needs to Consider VOIP Phone System?

Over the last few years, business communication has come a long way. With the rapid advancement in telecom technology, many business enterprises have benefited immensely from acquiring modern equipment.   

Since using more telephone lines, and more telephone numbers, both increases complexity and expense. Fortunately, there’s an advanced technology that can help this situation— VoIP phone systems. VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is an advanced communication technology that allows users to make and receive calls using an internet connection. This futuristic technology is not only affordable but also boost the total productivity of a business. It is a way to link all the phones in a company, or across multiple locations together.  

To help the readers understand the major benefits of business VoIP solutions available in the market these days, we’ve provided here in this article, a detailed outlook of the different advantages of VoIP phone system for small business.  


One of the most important advantages of using VoIP technology is that it can be integrated with several software systems, including software conferencing and file sharing. This enables businesses to increase the flexibility of its users. With the help of business VOIP solutions, users can make and receive calls from various devices including, mobile phones. Even Location doesn’t matter with these phone systems. The only thing that is required is a stable internet connection.  

Versatility of Features   

The VOIP based phone systems come with advanced technological features which allows you to multi-task with the most tech-savvy devices. If you receive an important message in a voicemail, you can forward that to three other people at the click of a mouse. Additionally, it allows you to be most productive by incorporating between various communication services like instant messaging, presence information, teleconferencing, video conferencing, receiving voicemail and faxes via email. This multi-functionality feature of the VOIP phone systems allows users to keep in touch with their clients or coworkers, conduct meetings, conferences, exchange files/documents effectively.   


One of the main objectives of every small business is to make significant growth in future. VOIP phone systems for small business provide the best solution in such case scenarios. VOIP based phones offer to add new telephone lines as soon as a new staff member is added into the organization. This enables businesses to meet their needs by conveniently scaling the VoIP systems.  

Low cost  

As the name suggests, the VoIP phone system allows businesses to save substantial amounts of money as there are very few costs involved in making calls. These systems utilize Internet Protocol to make calls. Placing an international call with a traditional phone system can be extremely expensive but with VoIP systems, domestic and long-distance calls are cheaper overall. It uses the Internet to relay call data. In fact, with the VOIP phone systems business can make long-distance domestic calls free.  

Service Mobility  

With a traditional phone system, a line runs to a home or business is assigned its phone number. Any movement that takes place for a business then becomes a trial of remembering the correct keys to dial. A lot of time can then be wasted by contacting phone companies to transfer services to new remote locations. With a VoIP phone system, all of this is eliminated. There are no physical limitations. You have the freedom to move as your business demands without any hassle.

Finding the right VOIP provider for your business 

These days, there are several individual service providers as well as companies present in the market that offers VOIP small business phone systems in Australia. However, not all these providers and companies can be trusted easily as not all of them delivers high quality services. Therefore, in order to save money, time and resources of a business, it is always suggested to partner with a reputed and popular VOIP service providing company in Australia.    

One such popular and leading VOIP service providing company in Australia is GenesysTel. It is well known for providing highly reliable, responsive, customized and affordable business voip solutions for both medium and small sized businesses in Australia. 

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