How exactly are you dealing with Virus Infection at your Home?

How exactly are you dealing with Virus Infection at your Home?

The whole world is currently fighting a war against a deadly virus called COVID-19 and this pandemic situation has made everyone to think how vulnerable we are when it comes to pathogens and germs. When you are looking at an infection mostly it is caused because of an outside virus or bacteria. Many people never wonder how they have been sick from any given disease. Most deadly diseases are caused by viruses. Now the question is what exactly are viruses?

Analyzing what a virus is from a scientific point of view you can say that it is a tiny parasite invisible to the naked eye and cannot reproduce by itself for which it needs to infect subject cells and then lead the cell to produce more viruses. The same formula applies to the COVID-19 virus as well. Earlier it was speculated that the virus is being transmitted from animals to human beings but after closely examining it was found that the virus is able to spread from human to human contact as well. This virus contaminated fast and took many lives of thousands making it deadly.

With the proper information about the virus, you should also know what exactly to do to protect yourself and your loved ones. This requires us to go through many virus fumigation and disinfection routines in our day to day life and focus more on the sanitization part. Hand sanitization, personal hygiene along with cleaning disinfection and sterilization of your surrounding is a must for avoiding the virus into your home or near your family. Personal hygiene and hand sanitization can be taken care of only by you but in case of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization either you can do it yourself or get professionals to do it for you.

Let’s first look into how you can manage the sanitization part. Cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing are very different from one another even though they are used by many people in the same sense. Starting with cleaning, we always clean our home but that is not enough to exterminate the bacteria and virus from your home. Technically cleaning can be defined as the elimination of foreign materials from a place or surface with the help of enzymatic products or detergents. Professional cleaning services use more than just the cleaning products that are normally available everywhere.

Disinfection comes after cleaning and it helps in eliminating germs and pathogens by using strong chemicals. You need to be careful while choosing the chemicals because they might be harmful to your own health. Professionals use bleach, chlorine, or any alcohol-based product for disinfection services and you should also use them for the same purpose. Without proper cleaning, disinfection cannot be achieved.

The last but not the least is sterilization. This is a process that is done where the threat of infection or contamination is the highest like hospitals or homes with an active patient. In the case of sterilization, everything is eliminated along with spores. Normally sterilization is not supposed to be done at home because the home environment does not contain that many deadly germs. There are certain good bacteria as well that needs to be protected so sterilization should be avoided. It is enough to call sanitization services to take care of your home.         

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