Soundproof Your Apartment with these Easy Steps

Soundproof Your Apartment with these Easy Steps

If you can hear your next-door neighbor stomping across the floor or the sound of their TV permeating into your bedroom, it's time to think about simple soundproofing to improve your living experience. Let's face it, you've signed a lease for a year so having to put up with unnecessary and excessive noise can really put a damper on your peace and your well-being. We look at simple steps you can take to reduce noise in your apartment. 

How to Cancel Noise in an Apartment 

To effectively soundproof a property, you need double glazed windows, specialized interior insulation, and costly restructuring. Unfortunately, living in an apartment you can't make structural changes, but you can try a few simple steps to soundproof your apartment

Add a Dense Layer of Foam to the Walls 

For thin walls in an apartment, consider adding a dense layer of foam. Don't apply a permanent fix but rather a double-sided tape or applications that can be removed by the end of your lease. You don't want to lose your security deposit because of a permanent modification. 

Insulate Doors and Windows 

You can use insulation strips for the doors and the windows. Noise can easily penetrate through doors and windows. With foam strips, it is easier to prevent disturbances from entering your home. 

Concerned about Your Downstairs Neighbor? Use Thick Carpets on the Floors 

Upstairs apartments can easily cause annoyances for the downstairs neighbor. By laying thick carpets on the floor, you can easily prevent children, pets, and even guests from creating loud thuds that would annoy a downstairs neighbor. 

Speak to the Landlord 

If your neighbor is causing unreasonable noise such as late-night parties, screaming, banging doors, or causing disruptions at all hours of the morning and night, it is time to speak to a landlord. Landlords will monitor the situation and if necessary, will speak to the party responsible for the noise. 

It is best to peak to your landlord before confronting your neighbor. Ask your landlord whether it is a good idea to have a word with the individual causing the disturbances or whether they will manage the situation. This can prevent any major conflict. 

Take Care when Soundproofing Your Home 

Soundproofing an apartment can be difficult because you can't make permanent changes. For minor noises, you can try foam against thin walls, headphones to cancel out exterior disturbance such as traffic, or sealing drafty doors and windows. If you cannot manage outside disruptions and the noise is unreasonable, it is time to speak to your landlord. 

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