VW Arteon Provides Value For Money Unlike Other SUV Models

VW Arteon Provides Value For Money Unlike Other SUV Models

Picture Perfect! Well, this is the term that you are reminded of when you glance at the Arteon. It is definitely a huge plus from the clunky and solid SUV modes that had been available previously by almost all manufacturers. The low design speaks of an understated elegance that is hard to match. Yet the sales figures have not quite been as encouraging. Stop wondering about the reason and contact a center offering Volkswagen service Greensboro to get all related facts pertaining o this beautiful automobile. 

You may actually want to check out the design of the Arteon from up close. It certainly looks exceedingly low and appears akin to a leopard ready to spring into action. The wide grills along with the horizontal bars and lighting elements at the front end add a bit of drama while the hood is quite massive with the gentle curvature and sharp arches making it similar to a shell usually found on the beaches. 

The hood is placed much lower than the conventional SUVs as well. Surprisingly there is no rod to keep it open but you get to utilize gas struts that do not risk scratching the fender either. The elongated design is coupled with a sleek arc that serves as the roofline. Yes! The 19 inch wheels may not be to every one’s taste but it shouts out to be noticed. 

The Arteon is as impressive from behind with the likeness to a leopard on its haunches being emphasized. The inside will amaze you with its comfortable feel and the rear hatch along with a wide window will make you feel totally at home. Wonders do not cease here though. Look up to find a glass roof that lets you gaze up at the bounty of nature without restriction. Although low on greenhouse effect, there is no associated claustrophobia. This is certainly a huge plus in favor of this magnificent automobile that beats all odds successfully. 

But an automobile is known by how it drives, right? Get behind the wheels to find it out. Well, there are certainly a few limitations but it works admirably when you want a comfortable drive without feeling the need to speed recklessly. The roomy interior and excellent infotainment system makes you g wow every time you get an opportunity to get inside. You will not feel any urge to sleep even when you drive down a gentle undulating slope in the afternoon. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will aid you to remain alert and avert any mishaps well in time. The safety features are totally awe inspiring and you will not be compelled to consider any Volkswagen Repair Greensboro NC in the near future. 

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