Tips to Operate Your Mini Excavator in the Right Way

Tips to Operate Your Mini Excavator in the Right Way

Mini excavators, also known as compact excavators, have been one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that is used in a variety of situations. Now, the operation of such an excavator is different from larger machines. If you are looking to get the right level of performance from the machine, then you need to operate it in the right way. In the following post, we would take a look at some of the tips that you should follow when you are looking to get the best performance from your excavator machine.

What is a Mini Excavator?

Well, a mini excavator is just a small excavator. Apart from the size, everything else is similar. It can weigh up 10,000 to 20,000 pounds. They come in both tracked and wheeled versions. The bucket sizes generally range from 12 to 24 inches. There can be other differences based on the make and model of the excavator.

Tips to Follow

1.      Before you start the machine, you need to plan for the work in great detail. Many operators fail to do that and hence they don’t get the performance that you desire. Plan out the route and put in the effort that you need to minimize the steps. Clear the path and inform the team so that they remain out safe.

2.      You would need to ensure that you have the right sized attachments on your mini excavator.

3.      Before the starting the machine and working on the project, check if you have any balance issues. You should check for any signs of damage or oil leakages.

4.      Use the caution when you are moving the arm close the cab, in order to avoid hitting the blade or tracks with the bucket

5.      The tracks rest horizontally to the ground. Whenever you can check the machine is over a firm ground so that you can prevent a tip over. This is really important.

6.      Don’t swing the bucket over people!

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